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Retinol Serum: The Youthful Magic

You might be entering the adolescence phase; facing frenzy acne. Standing over the bridge of 30s, watching a few fine lines emerging rapidly. Or maybe an outdoor person experiencing photodamage to skin. You can’t just gloss over; obviously, you will become fanatic about skincare and begin to stockpile serums or creams around.

Stop your search, 

How to use Retinol Serum

Retinol serum is potent and beneficial for all skin types. Technically speaking all can use it, but on the safer side start with using a lighter formula twice or thrice a week, gradually apply it daily. Use an impeccable amount of sunscreen and keep your skin moisturized.

Skincare benefits of Retinol serum

Retinol falls under the umbrella term Retinoid (Vitamin A born), notorious for itchy and dry skin. Dermatologists approved Retinol as the only derivative of Vitamin A, over-the-counter cosmeceutical, worth using. Retinol Serum seeps into the skin to helps speed up cell turnover and rapidly builds up a protective top layer; “the epidermis”. Let’s explore how retinol serum benefits to skin.

Anti Aging

Among the myriad of serums claiming anti-aging properties, one standby always wins the crown: Retinol serum “The youthful Magic”. As we age, collagen production declines gradually. It makes skin frail and thin, resulting in wrinkles, and fine lines.

Retinol serum proliferates cell generation that firms the skin layers resulting in a reduction in fine lines. Regular use stops new wrinkle emergence.

Skin lifting          

Mature age faces less elastic fiber production that makes the skin loose and lumpy. Retinol penetration in the skin's second layer “dermis” stimulates collagen production that gives healthy bounce and lifts to the skin.

Even tone and smooth skin

Very few products work on so many aspects of skin issues at the same time as Retinol does. It can be used to maintain even tone and suppleness of the skin. Its usage ensures elusive spa-fresh glow

Treat Acne

Retinol serum is rated as the gold standard for mitigating acne issues, breakouts, scars, blemishes for decades. Collagen reproduction inhibits the breakouts that already exist. Retinol formula serum doesn’t exfoliate skin; it rather works on a profound level by regenerating fresh skin and battling against skin inflammation.

Close pores

Open pores can cause serious damage to the skin. Retinol serum gets deep into the pores and removes skin cell stickiness. Cleans, unclog, and removes bleak heads. By closing pores, actually blocks many inflammatory and infectious pathways that exacerbate acne, pimples, and skin infections.

Keep skin plump and moist

Retinol helps accelerate natural chemical production in skin cells, including hyaluronic Acid that keeps skin plump and moist. Dryness is a flaunting side effect, but it’s a part of treatment. It disappears in a few weeks. So don’t worry about it.

Repair Photodamage

Skin thinning is a massive reason for photodamage. Skin becomes sensitive and UV rays affect them. Retinol application thickens the upper layer of skin by producing new skin cells. It repairs the loss and rejuvenates the skin.

Rich Skin Retinol Serum

RICH SKIN Retinol Serum is your ultra-anti aging, miraculous acne-fighting, pore shrinking, and sun damage reversing bestie. Add this to your skincare routine to transform into a new you.


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