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Retinol Serum: The Youthful Magic You might be entering the adolescence phase; facing frenzy acne. Standing over the bridge of 30s, watching a few fine...


good bye bad skin days for good      The beauty bees are well aware “Beauty lies skin deep “you want your skin to glow, spotless...


Rosewater Toner ___The Wonder Water The best of the best is the botanical care____so play it cool with rosewater toner Rosewater is known for its...


Vitamin C Serum- Rejoice The Beauty Inside Out Glowing skin matters a lot, so consult your skin specialist____ The Vitamin C Serum There is a...


Your Intimacy Duplet To Be The Passionate Queen Vulva and vaginal concerns are common. The most important elephant in the room is vaginal hygiene and...


Vaginal tightening Herbal stick It's a magic wand to bring back the old fervor and pleasure you once had in your intimate moments. If you’ve...




Rich Skin Retinol Serum Living with melasma is not easy, I suffered it for years. With aging signs, it looked like a splotchy mask covering my face. Prior to Rich Skin Retinol Serum, I had tried many to recover my natural skin with disappointing results. After using retinol serum for two weeks, my skin started regaining suppleness and clarity. Compliments from my mates encouraged me to continue its use. In 5 weeks my skin changed dramatically. Lines are not deep as they were. Discoloration disappeared. Skin becomes unmarked, smooth, and soft with minimized forehead lines. I don’t feel embraced anymore, to be seen without makeup. The damage done by my active outdoor lifestyle was diminished with regular use. I am truly thankful to RICH SKIN for giving me back my confidence.



Rich Skin Kojic Acid Soap I was having serious skin tone issues, dark knuckles, knees, and elbows. My two-toned, flaky skin was a psychological trauma for me. On a friend’s advice, I purchased Rich Skin Kojic acid soap. (Who was facing hyperpigmentation since adolescence, she is extremely satisfied with facial improvement) This was the first-ever product that rendered such great results without irritating. I was surprised to see my dark hidden body parts, underarms, knuckles, elbows lightening up. The aroma and soft leathery texture are exceptional. I love the softness and glow I am having.



Rich Skin Vitamin C Serum “At first my beautician gave me a bottle of this lovely citrusy, aromatic anti-aging serum, “Rich skin Vitamin C serum”. I was struggling hard with dark spots and aging signs like dehydrated skin, freckles around my eyes nose, and cheeks. On first application I was thrilled, it settled in my skin immediately. The application instantly gave a balanced and hydrated shiny skin. After regular use, II start noticing a fairly good change in the skin. Dark spots, freckles were dying down. Furrows around lips were disappearing. Having seen its effects I have started mixing it in my night routine creams and regular moisturizers. I am more than satisfied with the results of this legit brand. Thank you for making me look young again”.



Rich Skin Rose Water toner “My sensitive skin has always been problematic. I needed a thorough cleansing routine that leaves my skin dry and patchy. Most of the products caused me skin redness and itching. I am inclined towards nature, so I decided to go for Rich skin rose water toner after hearing good remarks in the friend circle. What makes me write this is the satisfaction and sense of relief I am having after using it. Without sugar coating, I can feel the cool and calmness within my skin. I haven’t seen acne spread and breakouts for weeks, for which I am grateful. Most of all I got rid of itchiness and redness I faced during the day. I sleep peacefully as I now I know rich skin s working on my skin Thanks a lot for making my day fear free.



MALE FERTILITY TEA One of the challenging things in a Man's life is infertility and low sperm count. Most especially when he is looking for a child. Statistics show that infertility affects 15 - 30% of couples who are looking for children. Sometimes, half of the challenges are from the men. The husband is the contributing factor. If the doctor told you that your wife is okay. Some causes of male infertility are; seminal tube obstruction, tobacco smoking, nutritional deficiencies, pesticides or industrial chemicals, too much alcohol intake, excess intake of cold drinks, exposure of too much heat in the testes part that damage quality of sperm. Like staying longer on a computer set, especially a laptop on your lap. Also, exposure to radiation, stress, staying longer in mid nights. BUT WORRY NO MORE! MALE FERTILITY TEA HAS THE SOLUTION TO REVIVE YOUR SEX LIFE. √ MAKE YOU HAPPY AGAIN AT NIGHT… √ INCREASE YOUR PERFORMANCE RATIO √ MAKE YOU FERTILE TO HAVE CHILDREN √ The good side is, no side effects because it is made from herbs and roots. Tested and approved by medical experts.